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It’s Week 8 already!!


Hi 4 L,

Wow! Can you believe that we only have two more weeks left of Term 1? Time has just flown by this term!! 😉

This week, there is so much on, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fit it all in this post. Let’s see how I go:

  • Tomorrow, we’ve got the French excursion, so don’t forget to bring your Myki card;
  • On Tuesday, it’s the JSC Fundraiser, Tour de Cure, so make sure that you wear the brightest clothes that you have, and bring a gold coin donation;
  • It’s also Ride to School Day on Tuesday, so get our your bike, scooter or skateboard, and “ride to school!” ;-);
  • On Wednesday, you’ve got the Alpha Theatre Company’s performance of Beauty and the Beast, whilst your parents are meeting with me to discuss your progress this year;
  • On Thursday, we’ve got an exciting Science incursion, which ties in with our Magnetic Moves Science unit;
  • And on Friday……well, there’s no Assembly, so we’ll have some time to get deeper into our Science unit in the afternoon.

Phew! What a busy week! 😉 I’d love to know what you did this weekend……were you busy, or did you have time to relax? I hope you all had a wonderful time, whatever you did! 😉

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow,

Leah 😉

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Enjoy your EXTRA long weekend!!


Hi 4 Leah,

I hope you’re all enjoying your extra long weekend! 😉 I’d love to know what you’ve been doing these past few days…….send me a comment or two, and you may even get some Table Team points!! 🙂

Just a couple of reminders for next week, as you’re not back until Wednesday:

  • There will be no spelling pre-test this week BUT there will still be a post-test on Wednesday.
  • Make sure you bring your Reading Journal and Spelling homework book on Wednesday, too. 🙂

I hope you all have a fabulous super long weekend! I look forward to seeing you all back at school on Wednesday,

Leah 🙂

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Can we win the lucky jar competition?


Hi 4 Leah,

Well, the time has come again to get your creativity working overtime, and get cracking on making your lucky jars for the fete! 😉 Well done to all of you who have contributed to our lucky jar collection….to date, I think we have about 30, which is fabulous, but 6 Nick has 55 jars!! Whoa!! Can we match or out do them? I think we can! Let’s see if we can win the school competition, remembering that the prize includes icecream at Jock’s! There aren’t many days left, so I’m putting out the challenge to all of you to make at least 5 jars each……..can we do it? I think we can!! 😉 Impress me, 4 L!!

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow,

Leah 😉



It’s already Week 4 of the term!!


Hi 4 Leah,

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe that we’re already into Week 4 of Term 1!! Camp seems like a distant memory, even though it only finished a week and a half ago. Can you believe that it’s already been that long? 😉

I’d love to know what you did on the weekend, and maybe even do some reminiscing about camp. I’ve heard from Kobe, but I’d love to hear from the rest of you, too. I’ll give you some time this week to get familiar with the blog, and I may even get our “expert” Kobe to show you how to write comments on it. 😉

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow (and don’t forget to bring your reading journals!)!

Leah 😉


It’s all about camp……….


Hi 4 Leah,

Well, camp seems almost like a distant memory now…….I know, it was only last week, but it has already come and gone! But, that doesn’t mean that your memories of your favourite activities have disappeared. And so, with this in mind, I’d love you to share with me the best bits of camp……whether it was the giant swing, low ropes course, archery, camp fire, or just sleeping in the same cabin as your friends! Whatever it was, I’d love to hear about it! 😉 So, get cracking with your comments, and we’ll have a fabulous time reminiscing about last week’s camp. 😉

I hope you’ve all had lots of sleep over the weekend, after many late nights on camp. I look forward to seeing all of the lovely bright and bubbly faces of 4L tomorrow!

Leah 😉

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Welcome 4 Leah, 2017!!


Hi 4 L,

Welcome to Grade 4!! It’s great to have you all in my class this year! I’m really looking forward to getting to know each one of you, and going on a wonderful journey together of learning new and exciting things! I hope you’re looking forward to this year, too! 😉 I’d love to know what you’re looking forward to, and what you’re hoping to learn throughout this year……so, send me a comment. If you’re not sure how to do it, I’ll show you this week.

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic holiday, and are ready to get back into school!

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday……..in the new portables!!

Leah 😉

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Goodbye, 4 Leah 2016!!


This is my last post to all of you, my amazingly awesome 4L-ers of 2016!!

It has been an absolute pleasure to be your teacher this year, and I will miss you all so much next year, so make sure that you say “hi” to me in the playground, or anywhere else that we may bump into each other. You have all enriched my life so much this year, and I want to thank you for making Grade 4 Leah a truly wonderful class! 😉 

I hope to see you on Tuesday, and look forward to spending time with you during the day. There may also be some goodies in store for those of you who are there, too! 😉

Enjoy your day off tomorrow, and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday,

Leah 😉



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This is our last full week together…….


Hi 4 Leah,

Well, we’ve come to our final full week together in what has been an amazing year as 4 L!! 😉 You are all amazing kids, who have enriched my life so much……and I’m so proud to have been your Grade 4 teacher!! 😉 As I said in last week’s post, you should all be so proud of yourselves for what you’ve achieved this year!! And yes, also for blitzing the Science PAT test that you did last Thursday!! GO GRADE 4 LEAH!! 😉

I look forward to our last full week together……I’m sure that there’ll be tears either at the end of the week, or when we officially break up next Tuesday…….or maybe both!! 😉

I hope you all had a magnificently wonderful weekend, and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow,

Leah 😉


Christmas is nearly here!!


Hi 4 Leah,

Well, it’s already December, and that means that Christmas is just around the corner!! It also means that we only have a couple of weeks left together as 4 L………so let’s make the most of our time together, and have a wonderfully fun time together! 😉 

I have to say that you should all be so proud of yourselves for how far you’ve come this year….not only in your school work and how much you’ve learnt, but also with the friendships that you’ve made and how much you’ve grown in maturity. I am so proud of each one of you. You’ve made my life so much richer and I have to say (and I know that I’ve already said this to many of you already!), I am really going to miss you next year. You are all amazing young men and women, and I feel very privileged to have been your Grade 4 teacher. I can’t wait to see what you do next year in Grade 5, with so many more opportunities open to you, such as the Young ICT Explorers, peer mediation, applying for leadership positions (Cupcakes and, at the end of the year, school leadership positions), and so much more!! As the saying goes, the world is your oyster!! So, embrace it and go and do amazing things!! I will be cheering for each one of you at the sidelines!! 😉

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow,

Leah 😉


It’s Week 7 already!!


Hi 4 Leah,

I cannot believe that we’re into our seventh week of the final term in Grade 4 already!! This term (and year!) has gone by so quickly! I’m actually starting to get a bit sad about this, as we only have 4 and a bit weeks left together before you’re off into Grade Five…….;-( But let’s not dwell on that today, as it also means that we have four and a bit weeks left to really enjoy ourselves and make lots of wonderful memories! 😉

This week, we’ll be saying goodbye to our Pharaoh Hugo as he relinquishes his role of leader in the class. I must say that I’ve been very impressed with how fair he has been as a leader. Hugo, you are certainly displaying amazing leadership qualities! Keep it up! 😉

I hope you all had an amazing day on Friday, when I was slaving over  your reports. Did you help Kate with the Prep to Grade 3 Sports Day? I’d love you to send me message or two about what you did. 🙂

I hope you’ve all had a wonderfully relaxing weekend and are ready to get back into lots of learning (and fun!) tomorrow!

Looking forward to seeing you then,

Leah 😉


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