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Our excursion is not too far away!


Hi 4 Leah,

What an amazing time we’ve all had together this year……..and we’re only a couple of weeks into it!! I have really enjoyed getting to know all of you so much more this year…….what a FABULOUS class we have!! 😉

I hope you’re all looking forward to our first excursion for the year on Wednesday. If you’re wanting to find out more about where we’re going, check out the CERES website link below and you’ll be much more informed:

CERES Community Environment Park

Make sure you remember to bring your Myki card, your snack and lunch (no lunch orders for today), sunscreen and a small bag. It’s going to be a fantastic day, with lots of learning about Science and Sustainability.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow,

Leah 😉


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