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Congratulations Louie, Hugo, Nick and Finn!!!


Hi 4 Leah,

Well, we’ve had four of our incredible talented class members compete in something AMAZING this weekend!! That’s right……..after six weeks of hard work, and lots and lots of problem solving, Louie, Hugo, Nick and Finn all competed in the Tournament of Minds on Saturday at Deakin University in Burwood. What an outstanding achievement, boys!! You should all be so proud of yourselves!! 😉 

I’ve asked the boys if they would be happy to share with the rest of us some of their experiences tomorrow, and they have all agreed. I know that I can’t wait to hear all about it!! I hope you’re all as excited as I am, because I am sure that there will be an opportunity next year for many more of you to be involved in this exciting adventure of the mind! 😉

And to top it off, Hugo and Louie had their footy Grand Final today (Sunday)!! What a busy weekend you’ve both had, boys! I look forward to hearing about how you went tomorrow. 🙂

I hope the rest of you have all had an amazing weekend, too. And lastly, I hope that those of you who are off to Somers Camp tomorrow (Finn, Finneas, Charlie, Owen and Lucinda), have a fantastic time away! See you next week! 😉

Looking forward to seeing most of you tomorrow,

Leah 😉


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