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Hi 4 Leah,

Right…..hands up who’s written a comment on our blog lately? What? No hands? That’s right……it’s been a while since someone from the amazing 4L has written a comment on our blog, so I thought that I would create something that will entice you to do it. So, for everyone who writes a thoughtful comment (for example, telling me about what they did on Halloween/ Cup Day, or something related to your learning), you will have the option of getting a card out of the Reward Box or choosing something from the Prize Box. That’s right…….so get cracking, as I’ve missed all of your insightful and interesting comments on our class blog.

Waiting in anticipation,

Leah 😉

P.S. If you went trick or treating for Halloween, I hope you were thoroughly spoilt!! I saw lots of amazing costumes on my way home from school today….I wonder if any of them were you? 😉


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