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Goodbye, 4 Leah 2016!!


This is my last post to all of you, my amazingly awesome 4L-ers of 2016!! It has been an absolute pleasure to be your teacher this year, and I will miss you all so much next year, so make sure that you say “hi” to me in the playground, or anywhere else that we may […]

This is our last full week together…….


Hi 4 Leah, Well, we’ve come to our final full week together in what has been an amazing year as 4 L!! 😉 You are all amazing kids, who have enriched my life so much……and I’m so proud to have been your Grade 4 teacher!! 😉 As I said in last week’s post, you should […]

Christmas is nearly here!!


Hi 4 Leah, Well, it’s already December, and that means that Christmas is just around the corner!! It also means that we only have a couple of weeks left together as 4 L………so let’s make the most of our time together, and have a wonderfully fun time together! 😉  I have to say that you […]

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