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Let’s get back to commenting!!


Hi 4 Leah, Right…..hands up who’s written a comment on our blog lately? What? No hands? That’s right……it’s been a while since someone from the amazing 4L has written a comment on our blog, so I thought that I would create something that will entice you to do it. So, for everyone who writes a […]

It’s Week 3 already!!


Hi 4 Leah, I can’t believe that we’re about to start our third week of Term 4!! That means that we only have about 8 weeks left together in Grade 4! That makes me a bit sad, as it also means that we’ve got 8 weeks left together. 🙁 But let’s not dwell on the […]

Welcome to Term 4!!


Hi 4 Leah, I hope you’ve all had a wonderfully relaxing holiday, and are ready to get back into lots of learning (but also loads of fun!) this final term of Grade 4! 😉 We’ve got so much planned for this term, including a fabulous Science incursion, plus TWO excursions at the end of the year. […]

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