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Thanks for a wonderful Sunday!!


Hi 4 Leah, I bet you’re wondering why the title of this post is, “Thanks for a wonderful Sunday!” Well, for some of you, it probably won’t be such a mystery, as today I had the great privilege of watching some of the boys in our class (and other Grade 4 classes, too), play an […]

We’re half way through Term 2!


Hi 4 Leah, Can you believe that we’re nearly half way through the term? I know……..it’s crazy! 😉 That means that I’m about to go into hibernation for the next couple of weekends to write your mid-year reports. Fun times ahead for me!! 😉 It also means that you’re half way through your Grade 4 […]

Mother’s Day is just around the corner…….


Hi 4 Leah, Yes, it’s nearly Mother’s Day, so that means that this week it’s the Mother’s Day Stall at school. Don’t forget to bring some money so that you can spoil your mum on Sunday! 😉 If you finish your work early this week, you’ll have some time to make a card for your […]

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